How to Choose a Washing Machine

No matter what major appliance you are searching for you want to ensure that you get the most for your money and the best product for the money you have to spend. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a washing machine you may not know exactly what to look for in order to choose the best washing machine for your family. The best tips include:

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• First, decide the location in your home where you will put the washing machine and then consider how much noise the machine will make.

• Measure the space you have available for the washing machine. Be sure to get an exact measure since only an inch can cause you major problems fitting it in a tight area.

• Even washing machines have a lint filter than needs cleaned. Check to see if it is easy to reach and easy to clean.

• For a better-made washing machine, porcelain coating is preferred.

• The drum should be stainless steel or plastic. Painted surfaces can chip thus leading to rust which can ruin your clothing.

• Water saving washing machines are the most popular which are front loading machines instead of top loading.

• Front loading machines are gentler on clothing and are normally quieter; however, you have to have special detergent for top loaders.

• Learn the capacity you normally wash. Clothing is measured by pounds and you need to know the weight of an average load prior to purchasing a washing machine.

• Look at the extras such as dispensers for bleach, detergent, and fabric softener.

• Look at consumer reviews of the various brands to learn the repair history. You can either find these through magazines or online at a variety of websites.

• Look at the controls on the washer. You may wish ones that are easier to read instead of touch pads that might be harder to read, more expensive, and may have repair issues.

• Self-leveling rear legs come in handy so your washing machine will not be jolted around during the spin cycle.

• Compare prices from the ones you have chosen that you like the most.

• Be sure the warranty is one that guarantees repairs for longer than a few months.

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