How To Check Your Credit Rating

Are you a person who is turned down for credit? Then you need to check your credit rating to find out what is wrong with your credit. These turndowns might also be due to incorrect information held by the credit bureau. Please double check to ensure that it isn’t a mistake on their part. It happens quite often.

If you are bankrupt then your credit rating might dip as well. Hence there is a need to check your credit rating at least once in a year so that you can keep yourself on the track to good credit.

Having a bad credit will affect your credits, employment, and even getting an apartment. It is sure to affect your day to life frequently. Hence there is a need to correct your credit rating before it becomes worst. You have to take the right steps immediately to correct your credit rating.

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There are many agencies that help you to check your credit ratings. You might be needed to register with them and pay a fee for getting your credit rating details. Some agencies perform free instant credit report. A simple search on the Internet gives you a list of such companies that can get you the credit report.

The credit reference agencies give a rating your profile as number. This could be R0, R1, and R2 up to R9. This indicates your current status. For example R1 indicates that you are candidate who pays your dues within 30 days of billing and R9 indicates that you are bad debt and or placed for bankruptcy.

You can see this notation against your credit rating when you go for a paid credit report. Although there are free credit reports available, these reports may not have this kind of rating in that report.

There are many companies that can get you your credit report from the credit reference agencies. Equifax is a popular company that provides such services. You can use their services to get free annual credit reports also.

You can check your credit ratings from the reports received from these companies. You have to always keep an eye on your credit rating. When you see it dip you have to check your report and correct it on time so that your daily life is not affected by a bad rating.

You need to keep a watch on your FICO scores. In US the median FICO score is 723. You can use websites like to check your scores and get a credit report that gives you the rating. You can even watch your scores for a monthly fee. Use these features available in different website to keep an eye on your credit rating.

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