How to Boost the Value of Your House Before Putting it on the Market

The best way to boost the value of house before putting it for sale on the market is to see what is currently in fashion and what sells well. You can always obtain current trends by reading home supplements that come with popular newspapers. Here is a list of what can increase the value of a house substantially:

Loft conversion

If you have a loft and convert it into a room then this will add significant value to your house. The fact that you have created an extra usable room is much more valuable than a loft that used for storage or even left idle.


Again a conservatory can add substantial value to a house because it creates an area which people can use for relaxing, watching TV, eating. It also adds to the aesthetics of a house by if adding a relatively expensive glass conservatory. However, one thing to bear in mind is that a conservatory may not be suitable in all locations. If for example, you have a very small rear garden then adding a conservatory could totally diminish it and you would be left with no garden. Most people would prefer a rear garden to a conservatory.

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Kitchen remodelling

Adding a new kitchen can add over 10% to the value of a house. With brand new kitchens coming down in price all the time, it will easily recoup the money spent installing one. Again, the price should be relative to the value of the house. Installing a £10,000 kitchen to a £100,000 home does not make much sense. An excellent modern kitchen could be had for £3-5,000.

Extra bedroom

Adding an extra bedroom will always add value, especially converting a two-bedroom house to a 3-bedroom house because an ideal family home has about 3 bedrooms.


Decorating a house to suit modern aesthetics will always add value to a house. Most people like painted walls but light colours so it brightens the rooms. The painting should either be on the plaster or on lining paper, wall papers are generally not a good idea because its just not very fashionable these days.

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